about us

WARNArts is an American Art production company whose mission is to promote Algerian Art in North America in particular, and worldwide.

The association was founded in 2017 by Imen Bessah Amrouche, an independent Algerian art historian and Samia Ait Hellal, a New York-based entrepreneur eager to share her Algerian heritage with the world. The company is dedicated to build bridges between Algeria and other continents by developing and allowing a network of emerging and talented artists to share their creations.

Imen Bessah Amrouche, 38 years old was born in Algeria, She is a licensed pharmacist and holds a master degree in Art History from Paris Sorbonne University, she works and lives in Algiers.

Samia Ait Hellal, 45 years old, was born in Algeria, and is the owner of a real estate management company that targets international students. She holds a MBA in finance and Marketing. She is currently finishing up a four year degree as a holistic health practitioner. She works and lives in New York.

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